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We are personal injury attorneys. That means we are attorneys for adults and children who are hurt in any type of Automobile Accident, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Tractor-Trailer Accidents, Pedestrians struck by a car or truck, and Bicyclists struck by a car or truck. We also help both adults and children who have suffered injury as a result of dog bite or attack. It doesn’t matter how small or large your case is, as a personal injury victim, you have the right to recover for your injuries.

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When selecting a professional to assist you, such as a doctor, an accountant, or a lawyer, you should always contact the governmental agency that regulates their conduct. For lawyers in Arizona that entity is the State Bar of Arizona. The State Bar regulates attorney conduct and enforces the states’ Rules of Professional Conduct. The Rules of Professional Conduct regulate the conduct of attorneys and violations of those Rules can lead to discipline against the lawyer. Know who you are hiring.
Malpractice insurance for attorneys is similar to your car insurance, in that it protects an injured person from the malpractice of an attorney. So, if an attorney fails to live up to the requisite standard of care, their insurance company will cover the damages caused by the malpractice. If an attorney does not have insurance for malpractice, then any claims must be brought against the attorney personally. In order to determine whether an Arizona licensed attorney has malpractice insurance, visit the attorney profile section of the State Bar’s website at
When researching which attorney you want to hire you should find out how they have represented other people in the past. One way to do that is to see if they have ever been sued for malpractice. In order to see if your lawyer has been sued you can check the State Court websites. To look for lawsuits in Maricopa County visit and select “find a case”. Or, you can go directly to the search engine with this link: Simply enter the lawyers name and you will find all the cases they have been a party to in Maricopa County. Each lawyer in our firm has a clean record with no malpractice claims.
Our Lawyers have been members of the Arizona Better Business Bureau for years. The BBB provides aid to consumers by keeping records of complaints against businesses, holding businesses to high standards for membership, and assisting in dispute resolution. When a consumer has a complaint against a business, they can seek resolution through the BBB. We have an unblemished record through the BBB with no complaints or disputes. Many lawyers in Arizona are not members.
When selecting a lawyer, you should always read the “fine print”. Many times, the lawyer that you see in a television commercial is not the lawyer who will actually represent you in your case. You will often see a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen while the television lawyer is talking. With some firms, your case may be assigned to a junior associate for handling. With Our Lawyer you will be represented by one of this firm’s partners!
In many firms there are “front line” attorneys who meet with the clients initially to sign them up. Often that attorney will attempt to negotiate the claim with the insurance adjusters. If they cannot resolve the claim by negotiating, then a different attorney will be assigned to litigate the case or it could be referred out to an entirely different law firm that handles litigation cases. Here at Our Lawyer your attorney is an active litigator and an active member of the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association. To learn more about litigation attorneys you can visit the Trial Lawyers website at:
Individually, and as a firm, the Partners have been hired to represent the legal interests of other lawyers and law firms. It speaks to our reputation that when skilled lawyers need legal help, they have chosen us. Also, a variety of attorneys in the Phoenix area trust us to handle their clients’ litigation cases. When these attorneys are unable to resolve a claim through negotiation, they recommend that their client come to us to protect their rights in Court. We have also been hired to represent doctors and medical clinics throughout the valley.
Some of the large advertising firms in the Phoenix area are owned by attorneys who are not licensed in Arizona. In some cases, an out of state attorney has created a business relationship with an Arizona attorney so the out of state attorney can spend large advertising dollars to obtain cases in Arizona. Our Lawyers call Phoenix home, and are licensed to practice here in Arizona.
There are firms that dabble in many different areas of law. Some firms have different departments for different types of legal work. Although each of Our Lawyer’s has had experience in many areas of law, our focus is only on Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law.
In many of the large advertising firms, the lawyers are handling well over two to three hundred clients at any given time. We restrict our case load to ensure that we give effective and strong personal representation to each individual client.
Each of Our Lawyers has an excellent academic background. Their biographies are accessible from the tool bar above.
Some firms do not provide assistance with any issues arising out of the damage to your vehicle. Not only can we assist you with your property damage, we do that at no additional fee. We can also help you find car repair facilities to fix your vehicle. If you need it, we can find doctors that are convenient to you, that can treat your injuries and that we have confidence live up to the highest standards with regards to patient care. We will handle every aspect of your case for you, so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries.